Saturday Night

As has become a bit of a habit and ritual in recent years, I was once again watching the Eurovision Song Contest (battling hard to not fall asleep after I already had to put in several extra half hours of rest throughout the day) and it just didn’t click with me this time. While the show as such was gorgeous to behold, the songs were pretty much all over the place, and not in a good sense. In fact it scared me to no end when the first vote counts came in and those unbearably kitschy Italian and Russian songs scored big. Luckily this was later rectified, but I still feel that the Swedish song wasn’t the best one, either. I really would have loved to see Latvia or Belgium win. Having Australia join the ranks was a complete fail, too. I don’t need to watch Eurovision for a boring run-off-the-mill radio song. And Germany? Well, we didn’t score a single point and quite deservedly so. It was once again just a bad song. Lucky we didn’t send something even worse. Seeing the local qualification here in March was just a painful testament to how little true musical talent exists…

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