With The Foundry now in “safe” hands everyone can relax their cramped muscles and actually look forward to upcoming releases like modo 901. Detailed info on the new features has become available. As usual, I’m not going to repeat the marketing hubub, but let me point out my personal highlights.

  • Mesh Fusion – Of course, who wouldn’t love it? It made quite some waves last year and having it “free” inside the program is certainly welcome. On the other hand it is of course pretty much the only real “new” feature, as most other stuff is unglorious workflow enhancements.
  • Speaking of which, unglorious doesn’t mean not useful. In fact how would you like modo not crashing when deleting your thousands of extraneous locators and groups from your imported CAD data? While I’ve never been one to break a stick over modo‘s head, it is those things that earned the program a reputation to be a bit too crash happy for its own good. This is a lot better now, trust me!
  • The Advanced viewport is tearing me apart. While I would love to say that I love it more, it actually kinda sucks – on my ageing GeForce GTX 580, that is. It’s not crashing or anything, it just takes forever to initialize the shaders and then of course the performance isn’t that great with a reasonably complex scene. I really need a big stack of cash to fall out of the sky to get me a GTX 980 at least or something like that. This is really becoming an issue even with Element 3D, Freeform Pro or my Sapphire plug-ins in After Effects – not much fun when you’re always half scared to use some features because your performance goes down the drain. Incidentally I even noticed that 4 GB are missing from my RAM because a module is damaged. Oh my. I really need a new computer. Too bad I’m too old and sick to serve blowjobs to elderly wealthy men as a gay escort… *lol*
  • Physical shading is certainly welcome, but even I’m beginning to join the ranks of people who beg for an unbiased renderer and other advanced features. Tweaking materials is getting more finicky the more features are added and it’s too easy screw things up. Perhaps they should finally sit down and make it fully node-based, after all?
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