Calendar Fail

When things go wrong, they seem to go thoroughly wrong, it seems. Today while I was at my parents’ yet another heavy parcel arrived and it is a good thing I was around. It contained my mom’s photo calendar and while it actually looked quite nice, it once more had this ugly issue where letters were cropped from the names of the months and all kerning in those headings seems to have been lost. Now this wouldn’t be so bad, but it actually already was the second attempt at fixing these issues. So after explaining the issue on their customer phone line, I’m now waiting for some of the developers of CEWE‘s software to track down the bug/ issue or provide a workaround, ‘cos naturally everything looks just fine on my end. What’s also frustrating is that they can’t just accept a PDF file and load it into their system. For obvious reasons this would be quite simple for me to do in InDesign or so, but as it stands, you have to use their unsophisticated software. *grmpf*

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