Crooked VR?

After Facebook bought Oculus and their “virtual reality” goggle everyone went crazy, shortly followed by Sony, Google and others with their own projects and it seems now in the post-Stereo-3D and post-4k-craze era this is the latest trend/ fad. Like all these things there are some considerable technical issues to resolve and while certainly it is biased, this article and the video explain some of them (still have to watch those full 4 hours). The more interesting aspect of course is that you get glimpses here and there of some new features that may one day appear in Nuke (or more to the point in Nuke X, most likely) which is always a good thing. Dabbling around with the free personal edition and getting into the swing of things, having a raytraced renderer would make a lot of sense as a replacement/ complementary renderer for the scanline stuff (if you don’t have a third-party renderer already)…

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