The Original

Aside from having limited access to it way back then with version 4 (my computer sucked, so I actually never pursued it fully), I’ve long been salivating over Nuke and finally there’s a chance to get a bit into it (again) with the “free” non-commercial edition. As much as I hate to say it, nothing beats the original and while for a free tool it’s not bad, my little excursion with Natron ended up too frustrating (some really annoying bugs in there), so it’s obviously clear which I’m gonna use to idle a bit of time away to toy around when I’m in the mood. Between this and Fusion things are looking great for “serious” compositing. The latter is now available for Mac as well and Blackmagic have also added more compositing goodies to DaVinci Resolve like a 3D tracker. One could spend an entire lifetime just geeking out on all of those programs. I could watch colored tracker tails all day. ;-)

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