Yummy Autodesk

Over the years it has become trés chic to hate on Autodesk, mainly for sucking the marrow from their customer’s bones with annual updates without doing much in terms of really developing the programs and fixing legacy issues. Project XBR (a re-designed MAX based on nodal workflows) had been demoed several years and yet never made an appearance and aside from overhauling the viewport nothing much seemed to happen with Maya, either. That now has changed quite radically in a positive sense and you can color me impressed! New interface! More Bifrost! Nodal modelling! Reworked Hypershade! Rig evaluation performance! Really not bad, even more so if you think about the long-term like re-using things like nodes in other areas. MAX might be rid of the clunky Modifier Stack, after all?!

MAX 2016

Maya 2016

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