Calendar Mom

Since my mom is a teacher, she got it in her head to give her soon to be ex-students a custom photo calendar as a parting gift. While I’m generally proud of her embracing computers even at a late age (she only started when she was around 50), she’s the “Your mom nuked the Internet.” type and thus it fell onto me to do the actual design. Doing so once more confirmed why I hate photo books. Now I’m critical of the mess that is Adobe‘s software all the time, but wait until you have to use one of those “design” tools hacked together with standard libraries like Qt and some Open Source stuff. Calling it atrocious doesn’t even begin to cover it. In the end I again ended up designing the full pages in Photoshop and just plopping them into the software. This also had the benefit of being able to salvage my mom’s flashlight shots and doing proper color corrections – at just 1.53 m height she’s even shorter than most of her students now, which I guess explains it… ;-)

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