Renderman is usesless…

…for the time being, that is. Yepp, while everyone is going a bit crazy about Pixar finally releasing a version of Renderman for everyone, the practical value kinda levels of at exactly zero for most users. Unless you want to put up with custom RIB exports using scripts or custom plug-ins, it’s not integrated in most 3D programs and generally learning such a highly customizable, but all the same complicated renderer will take a lot of time. That and of course you may actually not need it/ want it when you are already using one of the many renderers out there like Octane, VRay, Arnold, Maxwell and what have you. Ironically this strikes me as sort of “too little too late” – we all would have loved to have Renderman ten years ago, but these days perhaps not so much. It’s just one out of many and in a way it’s like an elderly house maiden. It can do anything from cleaning to ironing your shirts if you only give it some time, but it’s not necessarily the most attractive thing to look at.

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