Made my gay Day

Ah, gotta love her…. J.K.Rowling may not be the greatest writer on the planet (but then again neither are George R. R. Martin, Stephenie Meyer or  E. L. James and and others, yet they make tons of money), but you have to give it to her – when she has something to say, she’s not shy of speaking out and firing out witty replies. This comment certainly falls into that category. Yepp, people are just people no matter their sexual orientation/ preferences, skin color, whether they are Muggles or wizards or whatever you can think of. The timing of this is even more interesting since finally I actually started watching Queer as Folk on DVD interwoven with my usual Science-Fiction stuff (currently Star Trek – Deep Space Nine). Aside from some random episodes back then in the early 2000 years I never saw it. It ran late in the night on Pro 7 or VOX (private TV channels) if I remember correctly and even the DVD complete collection I once skimmed from Amazon‘s sale area must have been sitting there for 3 or 4 years now…

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