As you know if you have been following this blog over the years, I have a love for oceanic underwater life and those creatures simply fascinate me. That’s why a few weeks ago I started decorating my bathroom with some respectively themed wall stickers they sold for just 5 Euros at a discount store and since the selection was somewhat limited, I wanted some more in a matching style, so quickly after that I got myself another set from Amazon, trading in a voucher code I had, mainly because of the shark looking so cool (I did not use a lot of the other fish, because they actually look quite sloppy). This and the lack of a decent sea turtle in either set (there is one in the first, but it really looks more like a land turtle) inspired me to draw my own versions and here you have it. I kinda like how they turned out, even if the tortoise looks a bit grumpy and sad (but then again, real sea turtles have that look due how their eyes are shaped and they have real reasons for doing so being mistreated by humans). As always my preferred roller pen technique with the usual digital touch-up to fix some ink smearing and jittery lines.

Sea Turtle



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