While last weeks news about the Unreal Engine and Unity 3D being free surely are relevant in terms of using these tools for previsualization and production planning (outside actually creating interactive stuff), I’m still more interested in the conventional side of these things and so I’m reasonably excited about Compagnie BUF releasing their in-house tools step by step, beginning this year. With Rhythm & Hue having hinted at doing something similar with their Voodoo suite and even Weta possibly channeling more of their tech in The Foundry‘s or Autodesk‘s 3D programs it seems options for creating quality content multiply every day – if you can possibly afford it, which of course may be the stinker here. Anyway, as a minor the greater competition could mean that we’ll be more readily able to get our hands on existing tools like Houdini or Nuke at a better price when more production facilities start adapting newcomers like this or Flowbox. Will be interesting to watch…

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