I have always been, and forever shall be, your friend.

Boohoo, a sad day for every Trekker, Yepp, Mr. Spock or more to the point his human alter ego Leonard Nimoy has passed on to the Vulcan afterlife. Aww… Not entirely unexpected, of course, with the man being 83 years old and having a history of alcohol/ medication abuse and smoking, but nonetheless… He was one of those greats of the whole Trek universe and a pop-culture icon. The only thing I regret a bit is that his reputation got a bit tarnished when they unnecessarily paraded him around like an old horse in the “new” JJ Abrams-ian Star Trek movies. Yes, Vulcans get old, but he really looked more like 500 than 200 in there… On a side note, the great Maurice Hurley of The Next Generation fame, inventor of the Borg, has also passed away at 75…

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