All Stuff must come to an End

Who would have thought? It’s now a bit more than a year when I lost my job and I’ve spent three quarters of that time down sick. I’m still looking for a new job (if ever anyone will hire a cripple like me) and because of all that I have some bad news for you. As I’m trying to make the best of my situation and bending my life in another direction, inevitably some things will fall between the cracks because they ‘re no longer sustainable.

A first to go will be my Stuff site. When the domain registration expires in May it will simply be gone. Now before everyone starts to scream – this doesn’t mean that I will not produce stuff anymore and in fact you may see some things pop up here and there, just not necessarily on my own site. Of course there are reasons why I’m doing this, so here’s how I see it:

  • It never was and isn’t financially profitable. Yes, friends, you may have downloaded my lens flares thousands of times, but you’ve hit that orange button way to rarely. When you don’t break even on the cost and are in no position to run this site for free then it’s a goner. It’s a simple business decision.
  • As I’m moving on to “greener pastures”, in a manner of speaking, a lot of the stuff on the site was/ is/ will be no longer relevant. I’m moving away from Cinema 4D, haven’t used Trapcode Particular in like 5 years and so on. Providing more content using those tools and plug-ins doesn’t really make sense therefore.
  • Many of the projects were simply old and would have needed major overhauls. A lot of things I would do differently these days based on my experiences, other stuff has simply been superseded by other plug-ins, scripts, projects and what have you.
  • Along the same lines, the ever same compatibility issues made keeping everything up to speed a pain in the butt. As recent events have shown, that alone would require a lot of work and quite frankly I just don’t care much for the abomination that After Effects CC turned out to be, so I’m spending zero energy on that.
  • With two to three medical appointments almost every week and lots of downtime due to simply feeling less than myself I simply don’t have the time or energy to fire out as much stuff as I used to.

Some of these points are also valid on a more general level, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t tell you whether this year’s Oscars for some movies are justified – you know, going to the movies costs money and I’m often way too tired to do anything but lay on my bed – but to end this on a positive note, this is simply impressive:

I never thought Lady Gaga could actually sing that good!


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