The 6th Room

By no means do I consider myself a photographer, but interestingly enough, while working on my diaper imagery I found myself pondering the thought of how nice it would be to work with Raw images since those JPEG artifacts where complicating matters during touch-up. So it’s a funny coincidence that information regarding Lightroom 6 seems to have leaked online, on FNAC, no less, with whom I had my own little troubles from time to time. Now my knowledge of LR is “in passing” at best, but if I had a respective camera, I’d use it all the time most likely. Funny anecdote: When version 5 was new, Lightroom became “Leidroom” (sort of translates to “Chamber of Suffering”) to my ex-colleague Gerald because it didn’t work properly with his then new Sony A55 camera and crashed all the time…

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