Photoshop sucks! (a bit at least)

Since I’m still quite involved with editing my photos for my health site, it is a fitting realization that Photoshop turns 25. It’s hard to imagine that once there was a world without this little program even for me, though certainly my use of it is limited. On the other hand I’m glad I don’t have to spend all day in it. Somehow cleaning up selections to create cut-outs just isn’t my thing and ironically, while things like the Quick Selection Tool or Refine Edges certainly are helpful, you way too often end up painting over frizzy edges, regardless. After a while it feels clunky even when working with my Wacom. It’s also scary to see that while implementing a ton of features, the user experience is somehow totally out of control. It’s amazing that you still have to go through this “dialog inside a dialog inside a dialog” thing to edit a gradient overlay and many other features produce their own floating dialogs. More than anything else, streamlining  workflows should be on the agenda for this year’s version of the old lady rather than implementing another feature that I’ll probably never use…

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