Messy Heisenberg

How thoroughly After Effects is messed up these days unfortunately came to light once more over the weekend when I was suggesting my Heisenberg’s Delight project as a solution to someone looking for a way to highlight words in large texts. Yepp, sadly it’s broken in current CC versions of After Effects because the expression loop does not evaluate correctly. I think I know why, but I haven’t yet figured out a good way to fix it and bypassing the failing JavaScript part without ending up having to write a complex nested regular expression. I’ll give this some thought when I have time, but just so you know and don’t end up wondering forever why it may not work on your end. If you still have an older version of the program installed, the code works fine up to CS6, so you can do everything there, bake the results to keyframes and import it into the newer version. The whole affair makes me rather grumpy, since I now will have to triple and quadruple check my stuff. *argh*

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