Goodbye PDI!

For the last two days there has been a slight outcry over the immediately beginning closing down of a part of Dreamworks Animation known as PDI (Pacific Data Images) a long time. On a quite general level I do not particularly care, but the interesting anecdote here is that I considered Antz always the better movie about ants compared to Pixar‘s A Bug’s Life. Otherwise the downfall of this subsidiary isn’t really surprising – Dreamworks‘ movies have been very hit and miss and out of every five only one was actually good while the rest was superfluous garbage like those awful Shrek and Madagascar sequels. They had it coming for them a long time, if you get my meaning. You can only produce so many box office bombs before it affects your business. Which of course begs the question why companies even still bother to produce so many mediocre movies. Even looking back at many Pixar movies I find myself wondering “How could I ever…?”. I guess back then part of the fascination was the technical side, after all. We all marveled at the achievements and envied the technical resources like custom developed tools or that big render farm when at home we barely could render a few reflective spheres and were forgiving the lameness of the stories. These days the ever same puppet eyes and storylines thin as the melting snow cover in spring are more annoying than enjoyable…

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