Wavin’ and (Mis-)Behavin’

It’s one of those weeks where working the Adobe forums is literally so dull and frustrating, I can barely hold on to myself. Almost miraculous that I’m not barking at everyone. The far below par quality of Adobe‘s support certainly doesn’t make things easier on the forums, too. *argh* Speaking of frustrations, I realize more and more how foolish I was spending my money on Cinema 4D those last few years. I’m helping out once more an ex-colleague of mine with some old inherited projects and have dusted off Lightwave. It feels like I never left and oh my, does zapping around in Layout feel a lot better than in that other program. Granted, it’s the same old odd program and those parts are very recognizable, but strangely enough those oddities seem straightforward once you accept that they are as they are. There’s a rough, but charming honesty about it – the program never even pretends it can do some things, so you don’t end up running in circles, trying to find solutions that may or may not exist like in Cinema or modo even. If nothing else, I think this directness and simplicity is what is missing in most software today. Everything is overly complicated. Well, but I’m getting nostalgic…

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