Maxon, you will get Mail!

Ah, it seems I go through this roughly every 5 years. Yepp, I just wrote my cancellation letter for my MSA and thus my on/off love-hate relationship with Cinema 4D will once more come to a close, at least for a while.

As I wrote a week ago, the financial burden is one thing, but aside from my professional exploits when I still had a job, my use of the program has been on the decline for the last year just like my use of After Effects. I realize more and more that I want to spend my time on other stuff instead of putting up with tedious workarounds even for simple things like trying to figure out the correct order in the Object Manager just so the little diva correctly updates the scene. The frustrations and unnecessary time spent far outweigh the advantages and it’s just not fun anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some interesting things and the geek in me has always enjoyed doing weird stuff like creating plants with MoGraph or toying around with some plug-ins, but at the same time so many other things are left hanging in the balance and hinder my productivity. Ironically, many of the people that were part of my drive toward Cinema because I needed to collaborate with them are now equally fed-up with Maxon‘s policies on updates or pricing, so I suppose me not being part of the user base won’t be that big an issue for them, either…


2 comments on “Maxon, you will get Mail!

  1. Lightwave 3d and Modo. Ahh, now that is a combo…

    Who needs an overpriced c4d app when these babies can deliver the goods at an affordable price while innovating at the speed of light and providing sane upgrade policies?

    • That’s one way of putting it, though of course it will depend a lot on the type of work one does. Other people are happy with Cinema, it’s just not for me anymore…

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