The second Battle

Just like last year of course my younger brother coaxed/ coerced/ charmed me into a second viewing of The Hobbit  – The Battle of the Five Armies and these repeats naturally offer an opportunity to study things a bit more in details and adjust one’s opinion. I maintain my position that most definitely there are way too many cheesy scenes that are trying all too hard to trigger your tear ducts. The other thing that bothered me a bit this time around was the redundant feeling of the battle scenes. Granted, there is only so many ways you can choreograph and shoot fight scenes in a medieval city, but the going-ons in Dale oddly feel like a mix of Minas Tirith with a bit of Helm’s Deep interspersed happening again. Having viewed the film in German and being somewhat practiced in lip-reading the original English, the poor voice-over really annoyed me. I find it amazing that they spend 200 million on making such movies and then the voice cast sounds like random people picked from the street recording this one day before release in their living room based on an automated translation done by Google. :-\ Some other things that became apparent were the somewhat choppy editing in places and the all too obvious hints dropped. You can actually guess pretty easily where they are going to insert extra snippets for the Extend Edition DVD/ Blu-Ray. See Saruman conjure up Sauron again and being turned? You betcha…! Beyond those points of criticism I actually enjoyed the movie a bit more than the first time, so I’m thankful my brother got me to get my ass up. Admittedly, though, I was completely fatigued afterwards and nearly fainted climbing up my stairs and then I slept rather long this morning, almost missing taking my medications…

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