New Year, new Blogs, same old Shit

The new year has already started over here and it’s around 5 o’clock in the morning. I slept through most of New Years Eve and while I woke up at midnight from the fireworks, I didn’t even bother to look out of the window and dosed off again quite quickly.

Before getting into the new year, let’s have one final look at the old one. Last year I wrote about things being bad and when I did, little did I know that 2014 would be even worse. My employer’s company turned into smoke and I lost my job and because of my escalating health issues it seems impossible to find a new one. Who would hire a wreck like me, anyway? I have been down sick for more than half the year and must have clocked up something like 120 doctor appointments. If that wasn’t enough, even the tools I use are becoming more and more frustrating. After Effects is riddled with bugs all over the place and with the new UI looks like a cheap whore with too much make-up. Cinema 4D still hangs in the balance with no real advancements and resolutions to its core problems and I honestly don’t know if I’ll be using it for that much longer. I guess the constraints of my currently rather limited financial situation and the inability to retain my MSA will settle that, either way.

On the positive side, due to my job hunt I had a few interesting excursions like that trip to Zürich and met a few equally interesting people. Then again, I met just as many assholes for the same reason like personal managers not even having prepared and read my application letters. *argh* Lucky for you and me and all of us, the software world got stirred up a bit with some interesting free tools like the liberated Fusion and Natron, a trend which I predict will have some impact throughout next year as will new commercial tools like Flowbox. Of course there also have been a few releases that got everyone excited like Element 3D v2 and with the new 3D stuff in next years promised performance-optimized version of After Effects who knows, how it will play out?

For the new year I mostly hope to get a handle on my health issues one way or another and figure out my situation. Yepp, that diaper business and all that medical attention is costing money and I either need to find a new job or work things out with health insurance and the state pension fund for a (temporary?) early retirement. To provide a bit more background on all that, explore generic medical stuff and as a way to share my adventures in the healthcare and social system I’ve started a new blog. At the least it might help other people in similar situations avoid some of the bad experiences I went through and perhaps it’s even useful in some ways. I also started a tumblr. blog and while I’ve never been shy about my kinky side and sexual preferences, dropping hints and clues here and there, it’s probably not appropriate (yet) to prominently link it here. ;-)

Otherwise not much will change. Of course you will get all the random news collected here with a heavy dose of opinion injected along with the occasional anecdotes from my life. So to all of us a happy New Year!


3 comments on “New Year, new Blogs, same old Shit

  1. Seriously man get better, I have never stop reading your posts and I love your hype-free maybe angry insides on the various topics.

    I only wish for you to get healthy I’m pretty sure you can deal happily with the rest and I’ve always wanted to ask, I know you have a lung related disease but can you actually get rid of it?

    • My illness is chronic and not much research has happened, hence there is little anyone can do, because they simply don’t know. Ultimately that’s why it sucks so much. Having been run over by a truck and losing a leg would have been easier, as harsh as it sounds.

  2. It’s always easy to say that tthings will get better isn’t it? To look from the outsode and tell someone to keep their chin up, everything happens for a reason. But I have been there. When ai first started to have symptoms of Sarcoidosis, which was misdiagnosed at first, I moved to a new state, knew no one, lost my job after five months, was unemployed for nine months, was evicted from my rented town house and homeless for two months. Thankfully for the kidness of a stranger and a friend, i had a roof over my head. When i eventually got a job, settled back into life, was hit with heart failure and told ainwould need a heart transplant. Now, rive years after being told that, my heart is back to “normal” and kniw one knows why. Long story short, through out it all, I kept a positive out look. That’s how I made it through, and I make it through now. It’s not easy, but it helps to keep your chin up. Feel better and I wish only the very best of health and happiness for you this New Year.

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