The Update that shouldn’t even exist

The interesting thing with After Effects lately is that the more grandiose the promises of “we will fix this and that, improve performance and add new features” are, the more messed up each release actually seems to be.

No, kid’n, even calling the interface changes controversial or the issues on Macs and the troubles with high-DPI displays (on both sides) only mildly annoying would be an understatement. A lot of people downright hated the way 13.1 turned out (me included) and it was simply a collection of crappy code and bad ideas in several noticeable areas. The 13.2 update tries to rectify and undo some of these things (though, honestly, with the UI you can only call it mucking around – it’s just as ugly and painful on the eyes as before). Of course if they had gotten it right the first time and not rushed the previous version out of the door just to meet some marketing deadlines, we shouldn’t even need this update!

The one interesting (but also in a sarcastic sense funny thing) that stands out to me is that the finally have implemented the sourceRectAtTime() feature for expressions. At long last an easy way to match backdrop boxes to dynamic text (or whatever else you have in mind), but, and that’s the weird part, it took them like 7 years or so. This stuff has been available with scripting since CS5 or so, so one can only wonder what took them so long…

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