Buy – Sell – Put – Hold

Money makes the world go round, does it not? Inevitably bigger companies buy smaller companies because they have something to gain and smaller companies will many times all too happily sell their asse(t)s to bigger organizations and take the money. So far nothing unusual here, but I must admit even I became a little nervous when I read that bit and the thread that unspun on The Foundry‘s forum thereafter. Of course Brad Peebler is right in that thread – this wouldn’t be the first time the company has changed its coat and so far every of these changes in ownership has not had a negative impact. We will have to see.

Elsewhere Imagineer are selling themselves to Boris FX. Not sure what to make of it, quite frankly. Since essentially mocha is their only product,  it seems to me they have exhausted all markets already with little or no room to grow. You know, there only seem to be two types of apps out there: Ones that have licensed their technology, guarantying them a steady, but probably not so big flow of licensing fees and then all the others, that have their own tracking systems. Either way, this seems to be an odd coupling.

Finally we naturally cannot leave out Adobe‘s acquisition of Fotalia. Quite some time ago he big red A of course already had their own stock photo thingy, which many of you younglings probably won’t even remember. No doubt you will see this surface as some addition to Creative Cloud, though I’m less than enthusiastic about it. There’s already so many web sites that don’t have a single original photo and only endless lists of stock photo credits. This can only get worse…

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