Experimental Elemental

As I wrote a while ago, I didn’t have much time to finish up some of the stuff I had lined up for showing how cool some of the new features in Element 3D v2 are due to last minute bug fixes pending and so on. Now, two weeks later and with a bugfix update already released inbetween here I am and finally have a few bits ready to show and give away. As always, they are more experiments to illustrate techniques than production-ready assets, but I’m always hoping you can learn something from them.

The moon set comes with a “generator” version of the file that shows you how to create the surface structure just using a bit of procedural texturing in Cinema 4D. When you expand the technique, this can be used for all sorts of meteorites, comets and rocks as well and then you can convert the geometry and bake the maps. The barley field is a bit on the heavy side, so don’t be surprised if it can make your program crash. When opening it, do not let Element relink the files automatically. Instead open up the scene editor, right-click on the missing mesh and choose Replace model.


Barley Field

Moon project files

Barley field project files

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