I’m a Wanderer….

I far too rarely make the rounds on video sites and when I do, I often find the “recommended” videos/ staff picks of questionable quality or simply totally uninteresting, so I miss some of the good stuff, but occasionally some of that reaches a certain popularity and makes the rounds elsewhere, so I get to notice it, after all. Wanderers is one of those super-slick short clips. Just like with the Star Wars teaser you have to subtract the voice-over, though. What is it that drives people to ruin their art with these hollow texts so painfully groping for meaning and philosophical gravitas? *argh* Otherwise it’s the kind of “realistic” beauty of space that has become somewhat popular with the Gravity and Interstellar movies and that also grounded Battlestar Galactica and Space – Above and Beyond in a “this feels like it could really exist” reality which I so loved about these series…


3 comments on “I’m a Wanderer….

  1. But Mylenium, that’s Carl Sagan!!!

    • But that still doesn’t mean that it’s a fitting sound track for this piece, at least in my opinion. Feels too much like “Let me explain to you what you see.” and the text works against the music.

  2. To add one more thought: I’m sure the voice-over comes from a complete speech/ interview and was meant in a different or at least bigger context. It seems somewhat arbitrary to just sprinkle in those fragments.

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