The Force Awakens – not!

Ah, why, oh why? One of those things that I really don’t get is why film companies just can’t leave some movie franchises alone and drag them out from under the bed after a few decades to “reinvent them for younger audiences” or whatever marketing excuse they can come up with. Sometimes it works, but mostly it doesn’t. Star Wars has been through that once with the almost unbearably bad episode I-III prequels and looking at the The Force Awakens teaser I’m not sure they will be successful this time.

The teaser itself is one of the most sloppily hacked together ones I’ve seen in recent time. Yes, it really feels like they grabbed what little footage they had at hand and just threw it in with no rhyme or reason with the only logic behind it seemingly being “Let’s give fans what they want to see.” We get glimpses of recycled pod racers, an advanced R2D2, some X-Wing fighters, Tie fighters and of course the Millenium Falcon doing crazy flight maneuvers plus what must be the most ridiculous light saber in terms of work safety. Geez, “blades” poking out of the hilt must be a great way to lose your fingertips… Even worse yet, they had nothing better to do than throw in a really, really awful voice-over which strikes me as a failed attempt at creating atmosphere that the visuals don’t have. It sounds like written by a 5th-grader with no lyrical talent whatsoever.

On the good side the visual style seems to match the old movies from the 1970s and 1980s almost perfectly, so there is hope, but otherwise they should come up with a proper trailer soon so everyone forgets that this teaser ever happened…

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