I’m on (Sap)phire!

If you’re following this blog, you of course know about my obsession with lens flares and I’m sure you’re one of those guys who even have downloaded some of the free ones. Now creating these little buggers can be quite an ordeal and so I’m always hoping that someone will create “the ultimate lens flare tool” (no, Optical Flares isn’t it) or at least add more features to existing ones. Aside from some tweaks and the renovated preset browser this hasn’t really happened in Sapphire 8, but there are a few other nice things. I had a chance to play with it for a while now and you now can do  the same with the Public Beta. I’m gonna spare you the sales pitch, but in the long run the effects builder could actually become pretty useful. It’s just a bit rough around the edges and doesn’t really replace a genuine nodal compositing app, if that’s what you were hoping, but being able to stack effects in there and then only selectively expose required controls should make life a lot easier in After Effects‘ effect control window.

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