Awesome Fusion

A few weeks ago the news of Blackmagic acquiring Eyeon and thus Fusion made quite an impact and everyone immediately started speculating that there would be a free of charge “Lite” version similar to Resolve or at least they would considerably slash the price so it becomes affordable. and what do you know? They did exactly that! Yepp, you can now get a completely functional version at the cost of exactly zero bucks. While they ripped out some features, the good news is that they left everything intact for compositing up to 4k. The stuff that is missing is mostly only relevant for bigger facilities and commercial production, anyway, so the Studio monicker of the paid version is more than appropriate. Otherwise you have plenty of cool things to explore and a pretty complete package. I’m not going to lie and pretend that I would not prefer that this was actually a free Nuke – there were are some oddities and quirks in Fusion that can drive you batty, but hey, for a free dinner I’m not going to complain too much. This is even more welcome since it now really puts pressure on all the others to make their apps more technically sophisticated (After Effects) or affordable (Nuke)…

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