Bigger is better!

For a while now I had this desire for a bigger monitor. My old trusty HP 24″ wasn’t bad even after 8 years, but when pushing around palettes in After Effects and Cinema 4D it always felt like there were a few pixels missing left and right, top and bottom to just display that much more. The hissing sound from the backlight CRTs indicated that it would eventually bite the dust, anyway, even if it still provided a nice color rendition almost native sRGB without many tweaks or excessive calibration. Talk about quality! Now I finally got myself and affordable Asus 27″ as a bit of a self-indulging present for my birthday. By comparison of course it makes my old monitor look pale. The finer pixel pitch alone makes for a completely different feel and my towel-long expressions in After Effects certainly benefit from being able to display more lines. Neat stuff… I just hope it doesn’t impact GPU performance too much on my ageing GTX 580. Dang, do those 980s have to be so expensive… ;-)

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