Toddster Alert!

The world is a mad place. If you need any proof of that you only need to follow the career of the one and only  Todd Kopriva. After hanging around there forever, they have now appointed him the product manger for After Effects, replacing the Canadian with the deep voice, Steve Forde. Mmh. I still don’t know what to make of it, as within the complicated mix that are the hierarchies in such big companies as Adobe such positions ultimately may not mean much. The good news is, that with Mr. T. hanging around forums and other places I can’t imagine someone who feels the pulse of the community more, something which was greatly lacking with the predecessors. Still the goal is the same: To turn the product around and actually make it future-proof. For now the biggest challenge remains if they can actually break out of this “Adding new features introduced some issues for which we need a bugfix update that introduces bugs for which we are going to need an update…”. Releasing updates like the just fresh off the production lines 13.1.1 one week after the initial release really should not be necessary. And they seriously need to stop futzing around with the interface. The last time After Effects looked like a trendwhore in CS3 (rounded corners were en vogue back then) it didn’t last very long and just because log-in screens and web configuration pages use cyan-turquoise text on dark grey doesn’t mean I want to look at that all day in a graphics app. I dearly miss the bright interface (always had it up a notch just so it flipped from dark to light)…

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