Delays, Delays

With my life now revolving around spending two days or more at doctors or other medical stuff every week, I find myself less and less able to catch up even with the most trivial things. Yesterday I finally managed to polish up my download pages and properly list some content that I had previously only posted here on my blog and if you keep an eye on that, you will notice that I have begun some reorganization on the Error Code Database and sneak in the occasional new article or paragraph.

Much to my regret my constant occupation with taking care of my illness also infinitely delays my activities as a Beta tester (Sorry to everyone who suffers from my lameness with uncaught bugs!) and as it is, I haven’t spent nearly as much time with the latest FreeForm Pro and Shapeshifter updates as the good people at Mettle probably would have wanted me to. On the bright side, the update is free to everyone and actually has some really interesting features, not just bug fixes, the most notable being the Delay options for animation. While it may seem a trivial thing, it adds quite a few interesting ways of using instances similar to how you would use Cloners and Effectors with falloff in Cinema 4D‘s MoGraph to fake particle stuff or simply mass-animate items. From 1980s video feedback effects to stacking cards and coins there is so much you can do with it. If I get around to it, I might actually finish up an idea I have in my head. in the meantime head over to the mettle site and grab your updated plug-ins!

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