Flares are a Go!

I swore to myself that I’ll never ever do lens flares again, but inevitably one can’t help but dabble around and try out ideas and once you reach a certain point you actually want to finish what you started. So here is one more collection of flares that I’ve been toying with on and off over the last year or so.

Since even my older packs are still wildly popular and are downloaded several times a week, this time I thought I’d capitalize on it a bit. Yupp, if I had even just one Euro for every download I’d be driving a Mercedes, that’s how popular they appear to be. This means that this time around the flares are not free. Only a few days away is my 40th birthday and Christmas will happen just like every year and since I love buying nice things just as the next guy, trading in a flares pack for Amazon gift cards is a fun idea. 2 Euros per flare seems a fair price to me, but I perfectly understand if you feel differently. When it comes to it, we are all short on money, are we not? ;-) As a consolation you get at least some free projects and I think you can learn some interesting techniques from them.

As in the past the presets come in GenArts‘ own preset format, so they can be used with any program that supports Sapphire effects like Nuke, Fusion, Premiere Pro and so on. If you feel so inclined to get more info and possibly make me a happy man with those vouchers, head over to my content site:

GenArts Lens Flares Pack 4

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