X times 3

While I’m often on the verge of giving Cinema 4D the boot because I’m so tired of its shortcomings and quirks, other times I’m still amazed what you can do with it once you can get over those frustrations (insert or subtract the still valid complaints about the renderer as you see fit here). A good part of this positive impression is of course a handful of interesting plug-ins. I’ve written about X-Particles a couple of times and this time is no exception. Yepp, version 3 has just been announced and once more raises the bar by adding even more features, in particular a hybrid particle/ fluid solver, which of course with the introduction of simple liquids in v2 already only seems logical or even inevitable. This looks promising and the good news for you is that this will be a public Beta, so you can try it out soon enough if you sign up. And the price is still more than fair, so I’m in the boat for buying the upgrade most likely, even if I rarely find the time to just dabble around with this stuff.

Edit: The picture for the Electrix modifier reminded me that this setup also contains something similar using Hair and a few trick with deformers. If you don’t want to wait until the Beta and are in desperate need of lightning bolts, you might give this a whirl.

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