Too much Blue!

Certain tones of blue are actually a terrible color for user interfaces for a gigazillion reasons. Adobe is just learning that lesson with the latest After Effects CC update released yesterday. There is a more than slight uproar about some changes because someone didn’t think right about how they might not work out when people tweak their UI brightness…

Blue is also a prominent UI color in Video CoPilot products (and their ugly blue buttons and icons really are one of the few annoying things about their plug-ins) and Element 3D V2 is no exception. The cat’s out of the bag now on some of the features (not everything is shown in the video) and of course forums are burning with excitement and speculation. The interesting thing about Element is that it even impresses and awakens dark desires in “serious” 3D artists. Have you ever heard anyone saying the same about Cineware? ;-)


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  1. Yes, you are right about Cineware. But I think there is an explanation here :)
    You won’t be that excited when a giant like Maxon makes a deal with another giant like Adobe and they connect their expensive softwares through a plugin. Thinking of many thousands and thousands of euros are costing their products.. it’s somehow expected to produce something like Cineware.
    On the other hand, we have a dude that started a company with a free sky replacement tutorial and filming some ink with his brother in a garage to create something called Riot Gear. It’s hard not to appreciate him more for E3D than Maxon for Cineware :) Even if Cineware it’s more reliable.

    • I don’t think this is an issue of underdog vs. big corporations vs. inevitability or confluence of technology vs. expected or predicted business alliances or something like that. It’s simply not exciting or technologically sophisticated as there are too many limitations on both ends and you end up constraining yourself, which cannot be the point. That doesn’t mean it makes no sense to some users, but to me it’s completely useless. Maybe if they give it another 3 versions and Cinema 4D has a decent realtime renderer and After Effects a proper 3D space plus better resource management in both programs, but until that happens, Element 3D will hit closer to home and fit a compositing-centric approach to 3D better.

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