Diaper Mayhem!

Wearing diapers is an interesting, sometimes rather challenging experience. Since I’m still relatively new to this, I’m still trying out combinations and different brands and some of them are better than others, but certain malfunctions seem common across most of them. Yepp, those sticky tapes you use to fasten the whole affair seem to have a life of their own. This morning I managed once again to inadvertently roll it up and then fiddled for five minutes to unfurl it again. *argh* I also don’t get why manufacturers don’t take more care when folding up the nappies. Those tapes lose half their adhesive power when they end up in a fold instead of a flat area due to the air of course making the glue layer react…

Anyway, after this little annoyance a glimmer of hope appeared in my mailbox as it seems I may now have a way of securing a stable flux of money to run things around here, most importantly the Error Code Database. Yepp, for the time being it is back in business, with the hope that things may pan out somehow. The caveat? This is run through an affiliate program and you will have to click links and banners to buy stuff. I always had hoped to avoid this, but since people are like children and want their candy for free, there simply is no other way.

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