Going Fusion…

What an awful day… I had this gut feeling that I better not get up already in the morning and the rainy weather made me even more miserable. But despite that I still took off to some really shitty job interview after which I already was ready to blow up someone’s house and then things got really weird. Remember when I wrote that I’d still be waiting for my Cinema 4D R16 package yesterday? Guess what – that package was resting peacefully in a shelf at the post office since Monday and I didn’t know! That irresponsible DHL/ Deutsche Post delivery guy hadn’t left a drop note and I only found out all this after exchanging mails with the sender.

I usually try to keep calm in such situations because there’s no damage in a 20 Euro Amazon package bouncing back and being re-send, but this was my frakking 600 Euro Cinema upgrade that wouldn’t be easy to replace if it wen’t missing – financially and for all the trouble with the serial number. You can imagine that, with me already being teed off, I really went fusion and barked at the shop assistant less than gently. Let’s just hope she won’t show me out of the door next time I need some stamps… Oh my!

Elsewhere a matter of much debate is today’s announcement of Blackmagic Design (BMD) taking over eyeon and their Fusion nodal compositing tool. Good? Bad? The thing is that Fusion (or Fu in short) actually is pretty sophisticated in several areas, it’s just that very few people know about it. And why is that? Yepp, they never understood how to market it to the masses and the company behind it always was tight-assed about it. There was a time when you had to almost beg them on their knees to even get a demo because they considered you unworthy of using their product.

Given that the price was the same as for Nuke, that unapproachability no doubt has done more damage than good. In an odd way this merger has this tone of someone scrambling for emergency because all their customers ran off to the competition. Well, whatever, we’ll have to see. Here’s hoping that BMD might give us an affordable tool and at the same time this will finally make The Foundry come around to at least consider reducing the price for Nuke a bit to stay competitive….

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