Is it just me or was this year’s SIGGRAPH boring as in being really dull? Okay, I admit that most of the news would not be relevant to me in terms of actually using the programs, but even in the geek sense I didn’t exactly get a hard-on this time. It seems that all news this years fall into one or the other of the following categories:

  • Companies¬†that are desperately trying to catch up and fix their broken toys like what Maxon does/ needs to do with Cinema 4D.
  • Product enhancements focusing on performance improvements via GPU and other optimizations like The Foundry in Nuke 9.
  • Interoperability stuff with exchanging and supporting more file formats like e.g. in Clarisse iFX.
  • Companies trying to take over the world by providing their renderers and simulation tools like Octane, VRay or Krakatoa even for your iPhone.
  • A whole slew of “production pipeline” tech that you may never get your hands on or will not be geek enough to actually use them like Weta‘s Manuka renderer or Fabric Engine.
  • Companies buying other companies by the bucket.

While none of these are actually bad and surely solve specific problems that people may have, it leaves me surprisingly untouched and emotionally empty. The real excitement is gone and I don’t know if this is a bad thing. In fact the only news that got me a bit giddy was that the ZBrush people released yet another update for free with some interesting enhancements like the hard surface brushes. That’s just crazy. Makes me want to get a license one of those days even more (despite the awful interface). ;-)

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