Plug-Ins ahead!

The lull of summer leaves everyone short on news, but those last two weeks a few bright spots have appeared on the horizon that could be interesting.

The most notable to me is that Renato Tarabella has revived his N.O.T.A. plug-in, but now it comes as a MoGraph effector. The thing is that while for a time MoGraph seemed to redefine some fundamental stuff on Cinema 4D, it is now somewhat frozen in place and hasn’t seen any major expansion in the last few releases. They never managed to replace e.g. Thinking Particles fully with this more modern architecture. Even worse yet, some things like the Sound Effector are actually kinda broken. So there is some room to improve one thing or the other and this seems to fill some gaps nicely, judging from the videos. In fact this makes me almost wish that Remo would revive¬†his DiTools just as well…

Another tool of interest is DEM Earth 2. There’s not much real info, but a couple of videos and photos floating around. The city building stuff is pretty rad, as setting such stuff up manually could take forever. It also once more reminds me that I will need to finish up my city building tools one of those days. *ummph*

Finally, one of those tiny tools that could be infinitely helpful is Blackstar‘s Spline UV Mapper. You can do some of that stuff using a few tricks already, but being able to interactively adjust it is of course preferable to having to bake UV coordinates manually. Still, I suppose even that neat little utility can’t really convince me to use anything but modo for UV work. Cinema is just so severely lacking in that department and even these plug-ins aren’t a saving grace for the bulk of the work.

On a final note, since two of the plug-ins aren’t available yet, you might consider holding off on a purchase until R16 is released unless you really need them immediately. That way you’ll save yourself the trouble of having to request a new serial number only a few weeks after the initial release…

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