Curious little buggers that you are you keep poking my site for a Cinema 4D R16 release date, but in all honesty I can’t tell you. Still, the annual update spiral of death keeps spinning and in August there’s SIGGRAPH shortly followed by IBC, so you can expect the new release to drop in September most likely. That said, if you still want some news, here’s som food for thought for you.

Nemetschek, Maxon‘s parent company, have just released info on their 2015 version of Allplan and when you read the details you could guess that some of the features may appear in Cinema as well. A decent realtime renderer/ preview has long been overdue and I certainly wouldn’t object to being able to tweak stuff based on interactive viewport feedback.

The other thing of note us that they speak of CineRender, which in conclusion could mean that they broke out the renderer completely from the main program. If this is the case, it could solve a ton of problems. Having the renderer operate separately would allow users to get back what they had with the old NetRender while at the same time potentially still allowing a TeamRender like workflow. Let’s face it – R15 was a complete bust in that regard and armies of users have resorted to sticking with R14 or downsaving their R15 scenes just so they can be used in NetRender R14. It’s also interesting from a technical point of view since decoupling development of the renderer from the main program would allow optimizations to be done more easily in both without being hindered by limitations. Finally, it would also simplify development for third-party renderers like VRay. In the end, if any of this comes true, R16 could be what R15 should have been.

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