Sick Heat

Don’t I love it? As bad luck would have it, I picked just the wrong time to check in to the hospital again… It’s going to be really hot the coming weekend, marking the second heat wave after the temperatures had surged on the Pentecost weekend and I’m down with a nasty infection. All of it because in those last few years I already had so many antibiotics that normal pills won’t work that well anymore and they have to give me some extra good stuff as an infusion. It’s a good thing my venes are still in superb working condition and they always find a good spot to poke in their needles. Anyway, while I’ve gotten used to those excursions over the years, they are still somewhat boring. There’s simply nothing to domthan wait for your treatments or the next meal, idle away the time reading or surfing the web, watching TV… In fact this makes me wish the siccer world championships were still on. Plenty of time to watch it! But at least we really did win big this time…! ;-)

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