Some Color on the Way

The CG world is still buzzing with the latest news from The Foundry and I suppose most people got their guesses just as wrong as I did. When you hear Colorway and The Foundry in one sentence one inevitably tends to think of some derived/ branched out technology from Nuke packed into a color correction tool. But then again I guess it’s still too easy to forget that the former Luxology is now part of the conglomerate so it was no doubt a surprise to see them hailing from that angle. And it’s a pleasant one at that.

We never had much time for look development – when you do machinery visualization, you get told an RAL color and better make sure the coating on that part in your 3D animation matches that no matter what- but of course there’s a market for more experimental coloring in the design business. The more interesting part to me, however, is the technology. Yepp GPU accelerated rendering and deep buffers. You don’t need to be a genius to see a 99% chance that this will make it in some form into the next version of modo and that makes me a happy person. Combined with that they already are working on a Cinema 4D plug-in even more so…  Now if only Adobe stopped mucking around with After Effects and focused on such stuff so we could actually put it to use! I guess I might end up robbing a bank to buy a Nuke license, after all. *sigh*

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