Somewhere inside me I have this alternate personality that not only loves the flamboyancy and artistic finesse of the Cirque du Soleil, but also enjoys the wonderful world of musicals – kitschy or otherwise. In fact I sometimes tend to think that if I lived in New York and had the money I’d be spending a lot of it on Broadway and then every two months or so make a trip to Las Vegas to see one of the Cirque‘s resident shows.

Now make no mistake – half the musicals aren’t actually that good and many that bite the dust do so not quite unexpectedly – but this year’s Tony awards were rather odd in that regard with several musicals and plays being nominated that already had ended their runs or were terminated shortly afterwards for various reasons (lack of commercial success, mostly). One of those is The Bridges of Madison County, which unlike that Clint Eastwood film actually makes some sort of sense instead of just putting on the schmalz extra thick. The soundtrack is quite good.

Aside from those little oddities of course there’s always what everyone expects to be the next big hit and while there hasn’t been one for a few years with many shows fading after two or 3 years, I have a feeling that If/Then could be it. It’s been running in loops on my iPod for the last two or three weeks. Can’t beat Idina Menzel‘s voice, the compositions are good and what actually makes it stand out: It has a real story. That is a real rarity these days with most musicals consisting of arbitrarily strung together songs. I particularly like the very frank language, which makes this a thing for grown ups and nicely reflects on some of the life experiences of my generation. My favorite song so far is no doubt Always starting over. It so wonderfully sums up a few simple things in a few memorable lines, half directed at “God”, half at her Ex, half  the universally understandable Life sucks! kinda thing…

Thank you for finding me./
And thank you for the care./
And fuck you for making me/
think that this life might be fair.

Indeed! You can watch the Tony performance it on YouTube by the way.

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