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2014 is just like last Year…

…at least with regards to Adobe‘s release of new product versions. Yepp, they never learn and once again instead of waiting until the programs are actually ready, someone set a fixed release date and unleashed a package that is far from being fit for release. Barely 24 hours later every second post on any forum that even remotely deals with Adobe software is some complaint or technical issue with the new versions.

That part people just don’t grasp, anyway – there’s a lot of  them that expected just another patch to be installed and replacing the previous CC versions. Unimaginatively borrowing a line from Autodesk, merely appending the release year to distinguish versions doesn’t help to alleviate confusion, either. I’m only waiting for the half-year update in September/ October to be called Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 Complimentary Feature Enhancement Upgrade 1, Service Pack 1 or similar. *yikes*

The new features in most programs are mostly nothing to write home about. The already mentioned  integration of After Effects text with Premiere Pro and the handful of keying enhancements will not necessarily be relevant for many. The motion blur filters and depth-based selection stuff in Photoshop probably are okay and from a technical point of view fascinating, but ironically that is something that I’d much rather see as an effect in After Effects. Users of InDesign and Illustrator are probably the most annoyed. Not only seem the install issues particularly severe in ID, but aside from the table drag & drop features there is really not much there that would go beyond “expected bug fixes”. The same is true for Illustrator – it took them 25+ years to get rounded rectangles?

Apparently there is a lot of stuff in the web design department and inevitably the change in Adobe‘s business model is reflected by a swath of tablet/ mobile phone apps, but from a traditional graphics and motion design viewpoint it seems we are entering an era where keeping expectations low and looking for alternatives is more advisable than ever…


One comment on “2014 is just like last Year…

  1. So true… It seems to me that there is hardly any new feature worth to update the current CC. Particularly in InDesign, they hardly even touched footnotes… Are they deaf over there? Don’t they listen to feedback?

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