One of those days… No doubt many people are sitting at home counting the hours/ minutes until Adobe‘s this year’s Creative Cloud presentation and I’m in that “I couldn’t care less” mood because I already know most of the boring details just as I know that inevitably many people are going to be disappointed (once again). But more on that perhaps later that week.

Instead let me share something with you that may perhaps be a bit more useful and distract you from nervously playing with your body parts while waiting… It so happens that just during the last 24 hours someone popped up a request on how to create some connection lines between two objects using splines in Cinema 4D in a controlled manner, which unless you happen to have X-Particles or SuperTracer isn’t actually that simple to do in plain Cinema 4D.

The normal Tracer in MoGraph has no mode for just going from group A to B, connecting corresponding items based on either closest proximity or identical index. So what to do? Yes, it’s XPresso time! I’ve had this and similar setups for quite a while and actually don’t give it much thought anymore, but seeing that people seem to have a need for this kind of stuff I thought it’s a good time to finally share it. So here you go:

Basic Linear Connector Beams

The file should be pretty self-explanatory and illustrates pretty much all the techniques you can use from using different input geometries to rendering lines in a multitude of ways. For convenience and to decouple animation everything is piped through some MoGraph objects and that opens up tons of possibilities for adding even more fancies using Effectors and whatever you can think of just as does rendering electrical arcs with Hair. Enjoy!

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