CAD to the Power of n

One of the many challenging tasks when doing CAD visualizations is getting a good model conversion in the first place. Since pretty much every program translates its hierarchies and items differently and exchange formats like IGES or STEP aren’t exactly particularly standardized, either (there must be over 700 or so allowed entity types in either of them and as a result always something like 5 different ways to describe even a simple spline curve), this is still quite a nightmare. I myself can’t count the times where I had to creatively exploit trial versions of different (sometimes quite expensive) programs just to be able to get something usable from a model that only existed in some obscure milling software.

Those pains may now lessen a bit with the release of nPower‘s PowerTranslators for modo. Of course modo already had a solution with the “old” CAD Loaders and its native Solidworks importers, but this is even better. I had a chance to test this a bit and the loading times are much better. It feels much more stable and rounded out overall. I was even able to load a “lump” STEP model (an entire machine) that I already had given up on because it wouldn’t open up in any other conversion tools. Yippee! So if you have any doubts, take it from me – this is good stuff.

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