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Riding on a Jet Plane…

The other day I had this weird flash in my mind where I suddenly had this vision of drawing a 1950s/1960s era jet plane. I consider this the golden age of military jet aviation because of the experimental nature of many designs – crude, but somehow still sleek and elegant; notoriously underpowered and unstable, yet highly maneuverable and efficient; underarmed and short on fuel all the time yet quite successful in the wars of the time like Korea and Vietnam, of course.

Therefore I wanted my design to evoke these feelings, while at the same time not being a specific representation of an existing type. The closest to describing it would probably be a mix between a Shooting Star, a Panther, a Banshee and somehow I also sneaked in the refuelling boom and a blade antenna from an Intruder.

When I started out I didn’t really have a all the details worked out, so it took  several correction passes until I arrived at the final design as shown in the evolution image (in order from bottom to top) and yes, I used a pink roller pen! For the final version I thinned out a few lines and cleaned up some overshoots plus I corrected one of the horizontal tail fins because it still looked a bit crooked.

The compacted look is also intentional because I wanted this to feel really bulky and somewhat like the “egg planes” that you often see in comics (and which is a popular plastic modeling theme in Japan). This thing probably defies all aerial physics and could never fly for real, but I kinda like it and I hope you will, too.

Jet Plane Preview


Jet Plane Evolution


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