La Conchita, go!

Ah, what a night! Say what you will about all the campy-ness, mediocre music, distasteful clothing and the bad English, but the Eurovision Song Contest is still fun and worthwile watching in its on weird and wonderful way. Conchita Wurst took the crown and it didn’t really come that unexpected. You could have bet on it and made some money quite safely. With many LGBT communities holding parties on this one evening it was a simple numbers game. I even had to chuckle when the count from Israel came in – the whole community of Tel Aviv (which someone to me called “the gayest city in the world”) must have voted. I guess that hadn’t happened since Dana International.

Germany didn’t make a dent, but that was somewhat predictable, too. The ugly girl and her all too obvious attempt at pleasing our Slavonic neighbors with a bit of folklore pop and playing on her Ukrainian heritage (big deal, my maternal grandmother was Ukrainian, too :-P) luckily didn’t take. The same was all too true for some other songs. Makes me wonder how composers and performers still think they can get away with trying to tailor their material specifically to this event instead of just writing a good song.

Finally, yes, the air was brooding with politics. The usual point shuffling from “friendly neighbors” aside you could just feel the electricity in the air. While boohs and hisses may not be exactly fair, within the limited options that such an event will allow it’s a valid way of expressing your dislike for certain things. Luckily the Russian song was bad (as in really bad), so this issue settled itself. I wouldn’t want to imagine the uproar if they had won…

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