Illustri(ou)s Kaiju

Just a few random geek bits today. First I accidentally stumbled upon this Kaiju chart. Not only does it provide a good reference for how big those beasts are, but it is actually quite well-drawn. That’s one of those things you always have with those monster movies – at least I never quite know how big they are supposed to be even if they run through skyscrapers. To me it often doesn’t feel real because naturally there’s so many helo shots to portray them in full.

Another big thing is of course our very own universe, so the simulations from the Illlustris Project are quite jaw-dropping. If you ever needed reference for your space 3D animations – it doesn’t get much better. Admittedly, though, it would be quite a challenge to even simulate a fraction of this stuff just using a standard 3D program. Rendering those particles and volumes alone could bring down your system….

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