The Grid is here!

As I’ve been writing in my comparison article, I’ve been getting somewhat into modo‘s particles and while I’m still far from being a master, at least I now have an understanding how it ticks and now know how to structure my work. As a challenge to myself I tried to re-create this ever popular setup.

YouTube version here.

For now this is the simple version without fancy matrix stuff to rotate the entire system or create variable branching angles, but there’s always the chance that that might happen one day. A few parameters can be set via the Controller item’s custom channels, the others directly on the respective particle items, which actually is much more intuitive than having to set up tons of user data in Cinema 4D just to link it to the internal XPresso/ Thinking Particles stuff. The only downside is that modo doesn’t have a tracer yet to create more persistent paths and you have to use another awful lot of particles for that. Play around a bit for different looks and don’t forget to let it cache before you render. On a side note, you can also create this easily with X-ParticlesDirection modifier set to Network mode…

Perpendicular Grid for modo 701

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