Really random NAB stuff

Yepp, NAB is one of those times of the year abuzz with all sorts of random news, so let’s have a look.

First, we have HitFilm turning the effects inside their program of same name into a collection of plug-ins for After Effects. The funny thing is one would have to say “again” ‘cos when they still called themselves FXHome they already tried that with some stuff, but somehow then they probably misjudged the marked for muzzle flashes and it never seemed to have taken off like they wished. ;-) Anyway, while personally I don’t find much in their collection that I couldn’t already do with the tools I have at hand it’s a good place to start to get your feet moist if you do not have the Trapcode plug-ins or a specific more expensive suite like Sapphire or BCC. At something like 500 bucks with further special discounts and promos to be expected it’s easy enough to add to your arsenal.

Elsewhere Maxon are taking over the world by expanding Cineware into VizRT. Now I’m only waiting for it to show up in Nuke and the world is coming to an end. Could that be the big announcement The Foundry have promised for next Monday? I guess we’ll have to see. Speaking of Nuke, Mr. mocha “Mamoworld” Mathias Möhl (my, that’s a lot of Ms in there!) has re-created his import tools for that program. Finally, which is only tangentially related, The Foundry also have updated Mari to version 2.6 and people already get a bit crazy over the new BRDF shader for more realism…

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